Kim Painter

Kim Painter

In nature light makes the color, and in painting color makes the light. Kim Painter's medium of choice is oil because she thinks it works best to show light and atmosphere with the most tone and range. Kim's approach to painting is generally characterized as Tonalism. If you're wondering what Tonalism is, you are not alone. Tonalism isn't as well known as Impressionism, Expressionism, Realism, Abstract or most any other defined art movement. Tonalism emphases color, line and shape without narrative as a way of communicating visual harmony and spirituality. By working within a carefully chosen palette of closely related colors, Tonalists aspire to emulate musicality and inspire contemplation. By arranging color and forms, they believed that landscapes could evoke emotion and suggest deep, cosmic harmonies.

Kim Painter's current focus is to use the Tonalist approach in expressing the spiritual naturalism she sees and feels in these southern coastal lands. Kim finds influence and beauty in the everyday atmospheric conditions; sunrises and sunsets, the misty rain or the sweltering heat. She strives to convey and invoke a sense of calmness and serenity for the viewer because that is what she wants for her own environment. 

See more of Kim Painter's work below:

Instagram: @kimpainter22

Facebook: @kim.painter

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