Erica Beck

Erica Beck

Art and the genuine desire to create has been a part of Erica Beck's life since childhood. She was formally trained as a graphic designer and hold a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art. Though the work is meaningful, it doesn't completely satisfy her, and in 2016 Erica walked away from the corporate world to pursue a more joyful and creative life. Through many mistakes, lots of prayer and soul-searching, she finally picked up a paintbrush and rediscovered the joy of simply creating. Abstract painting became Erica's favorite form of creative expression as it is often intuitive and the final outcome unknown. It also served as an amazing balance to her time working at a computer. Erica's southern roots largely influence her work, and she is constantly striving to distill all that she sees and loves into something joyful, authentic and unique. Erica has recently discovered a love for painting the human face - particularly female faces. The playful way in which she paints them takes her back to that little girl that used to sit and draw faces for hours. Erica hopes that in viewing her work, all of that joy translates to the viewer as well.

View more of Erica Beck's work below:

Instagram: @ericabeckart

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