Eric Vest

Eric Vest

    For as long as Eric Vest can remember he has had an interest in art.  Some of his first memories were of drawing. Eric really became serious about it as a teen while living overseas.  Though he enjoyed his time in Europe, Eric had a lot of down time and filled it with riding the countless miles of bike paths across Holland and drawing.  Eric's parents always knew what he was doing when they heard the grinding and sawing of his pencil sharpener.  It’s at this time that Eric really grasped working with colored pencils, and his main skill of patience.  Once patience developed so did a peace while working on a piece.  He has never had any high level artistic schooling. He is self-taught. The work you see of his is the product of all those years.  Over the last three years Eric has found a new passion of creating abstracts.  It’s expressive, unstructured, freeing, created in his imagination, and rewarding. 

Find more of Eric's work below:

Instagram: @eric_vest_artist

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