Meet the Artist: Kirsten Lindsay


I am an artist living in the beautiful Lowcountry of South Carolina. Mt. Pleasant is my home and I love every aspect of it... even the traffic. I am blessed to wake up every morning to smell the salt air, gaze up into the long sturdy arms of a live oak and feel the bright, warm sun on my face. It fuels my passion for painting. Passion is what moves me forward and it is what I want to share with the world. Passion for creating and sharing my artistic abilities is at the heart of my soul. I believe it is a God given gift and want to share it with anyone who wants to explore their creativity. We all have the ability. We just need to be brave enough to let go of, what I call, the "stick figure syndrome".  

I am working primarily with acrylics and have begun to explore mixed media using fabric scraps. Most of my new pieces are abstract. This lets me discover the feeling and emotion of each piece. It allows me the freedom to be authentic. It allows the you the opportunity to uniquely experience my work through your eyes. You decide what to feel...what to see. What a lovely way to create a connection.


STA: How would you describe your personal style?

KL: My style as painter has evolved over the years. I would describe my style as contemporary abstract, but lately I have been leaning more towards seascapes. I have evolved greatly in the past year as you can see in some of the work featured below. I am very inspired by the textures of the Lowcountry. Fabric allows me to interpret the textures of my surroundings.



STA: How long does the average piece take you to create?

KL: I have limited time to paint since I work a full-time job, and my painting schedule varies. I do not usually finish a piece quickly. I would say that each substantial sized piece takes 24- 30 hours but definitely not all at one time.

STA: What inspired you to become an artist?

KL: My parents, they both are creative in very different ways. My mom would sew my clothes and eventually began making quilts and my dad would illustrate and dabble in string craft.

STA: What materials do you use in your mixed media?

KL: I use fabric scraps from my mother’s quilts and upcycled clothing.

STA: How do you choose the color scheme for each abstract piece?

KL: Color schemes can come from anywhere, most of them are nature inspired.

STA: What is your process for creating an abstract piece?

KL: My abstract pieces come from an image, maybe from a photo, or a building, or the way the water reflects the clouds. I see the world in compositions. If I visualize it as a piece, I am immediately pushed to get it out into the world.

STA: Do you employ any other styles?

KL: I love all forms of creativity. In addition to mixed media I enjoy mediums like watercolors, pottery, and photography.

STA: How do you name your pieces?

KL: I am inspired by all types of music; the lyrics find their way into the names of my finished pieces.

STA: A lot of your work heavily features the color blue, any particular reason?

KL: I love where I live, and I believe that is where the influence comes from.

STA: Can you explain “Stick Figure Syndrome”?

KL: The Stick Figure Syndrome came out of the minds of the parents whose children I had the pleasure to teach. Inevitably, one or both would share that they “had no artistic ability, they couldn’t even draw a stick figure.” I found it odd that they all said it. They equated art to stick figure drawing.  I think it’s just their way of pushing their creative minds aside. So, I wanted to help my students see that being creative – being an artist - is so much more than stick figures. Let’s cure the “Stick Figure Syndrome.” God created us to be creative.

Explore Kirsten’s wide range of mixed media abstracts on her Artist Collection page.


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