Get to Know the Artist: Eric Vest

We are thrilled to announce Eric Vest will be joining Straight to Art. We asked Eric to tell us a little more about himself, his artistic inspiration and his unique process.


STA: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Eric: I’ve always thought that knowing someone, or at least knowing something about them, can help in appreciating their talents.  Knowing that someone is just as human as you helps relate to that ability, sacrifice, and passion.  I’d like to share some things about myself so you can understand my personal and artistic journey.

-Born 1970 in St. Louis, Missouri.

-Raised in Huntsville, AL. 

-Have lived in Leusden, Holland and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba while my parents worked as civilians on military bases.

-Have lived in the Charleston, SC area since 1990. 

-I am a single parent of two amazing teenagers! 

-Have an older brother and younger sister. 

-Have worked 24 years with a fortune 500 Industrial Supply center.


STA: What are some of your hobbies outside of art?

Eric: I trained in karate for 23 years and hold a 3rd degree black belt. I love the outdoors and gardening. I am a car enthusiast-fast and loud!, love astronomy (appreciation of the wonder, beauty, and science of it), exercising (use it, or lose it!), and the history of different cultures, (on my travel list is our National Parks out west and Canada’s National Parks).  I hope to also visit Austria, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and exploring century old castles/cathedrals across Europe. 


STA: Tell us about your artistic journey and how you came to be an abstract painter.

Eric: For as long as I can remember I have had an interest in art.  Some of my first memories are of drawing.  I really became serious about it as a teen while living overseas.  Though I enjoyed my time in Europe I had a lot of down time and filled it with riding the countless miles of bike paths across Holland and drawing.  My parents always knew what I was doing when they heard the grinding and sawing of my pencil sharpener.  It’s at this time I really grasped working with colored pencils, and my main skill of patience.  Once patience developed so did a peace while working on a piece.  I’ve never had any high level artistic schooling.  I can say I own it all.  I am self-taught.  That gives me a great sense of pride.  The work you see of mine is the product of all those years.  Over the last three years I’ve found a new passion of creating abstracts.  It’s expressive, unstructured, freeing, created in my imagination, and rewarding.  I hope you enjoy my artwork and that you see something that captures your wonderment!

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